Valley CrossFit offers classes seven days a week for every age range and skill level. From a CrossFit Boot Camp (Burn) to Olympic Weightlifting, our 15 certified trainers will help you get the most out of your high intensity, constantly varied workout in a small group setting.

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Health & Diet

The CrossFit prescription for fish oil is 3 grams per day of EPA and DHA.  These are anti-inflammatory fats needed to counteract pro-inflammatory fats so prevalent in the modern diet.  It doesn’t matter what brand you purchase.  As an example, this label on the left is from the Kirkland Signature Fish Oil.  All we are concerned with is EPA and DHA.  Ignore “Other Omega-3.”  As you can see, each soft-gel contains EPA 410 mg and DHA 274 mg for a total of 684 mg.  3 grams equals 3000 mg.  Therefore, 3000/684

High-Glycemic foods are directly related to obesity, coronary heart disease, cancers and diabetes High-Glycemic foods cause a spike in blood sugar forcing our bodies to produce insulin.  Habitual ingestion of bad foods, sodas and such leads to the state of "hyperinsulinemia", the chronic and acute elevation of insulin as a result of habitual consumption of excess carbohydrate.  Hyperinsulinemia is the fast-track to a vast assortment pathological events that are completely avoidable by staying away from these bad foods.  You may download this list in a .pdf by tapping on it.

Proper hydration is important for overall health. Without proper hydration, you become dehydrated, which means your body does not have enough water to function normally. You lose water every day when you breathe, sweat and go to the bathroom. The water content in the foods you eat and the beverages you

Looking to take your workouts to the next level? Take a look at what you are consuming around the time of your workouts. Use these tips and let’s RX a workouts! Working out first thing in the morning? Don’t go on an empty stomach. You will have a more of a productive