Corporate Health & Wellness

Everybody wins with Health & Wellness

Valley CrossFit can bring your company’s Corporate Health & Wellness program to life.  Valley can pump up your company’s onsite program or employees can join Valley’s 300 members at our 15,000 square foot fully equipped gym. The company wins with happier, healthier more productive employees that know their employer cares about their well-being on a personal level. They are more committed to the company because they have a tangible benefit they use everyday. Please contact us if you’re interested in providing proven and effective corporate health and wellness in a cost effective way. CrossFitters are the most positive and supportive group of people you’ll ever meet. When Valley athletes are done working out they start cheering on the athletes that haven’t finished. How can your people not benefit from that environment?

Team Building

Six Weeks of Fun & Camaraderie

Team building is a finite six week program that gets everyone moving, yelling, laughing and talking. Think for a moment about how important friction free communication is to productivity. If there was a way to reduce friction, then their would be fewer snafus, better customer relationships, more profit would flow to the bottom line and bigger bonuses.

We take your people out of their comfort zone, mix them together in unusual ways and give them complex missions that require them to communicate in order to be successful. They learn to have fun with each other, cheer for each other, help each other. Barriers are broken and communication becomes seamless.

Back in the office they have a common bond, i.e.; those brutal workouts they did at Valley. They’ve got something to talk and joke about.  Oh, and they’ve lost a bunch of weight, they’re healthier, stronger and more energetic too.

For more information contact William at 818-800-5986 or E-mail William