Movement is Medicine, Get a Healthy Addiction Now!

Step 1:
Health History, Lifestyle Questionnaire & Waiver

Step 2:
Setup Your Plan

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  • Intro to CF with 3 Privates
  • $199per mo w 3 mo contract
  • Visitor Drop-in Fee
  • $25per class

Gym Memberships are paid monthly through EFT (electronic funds transfer) by credit card or bank account.

Available Plans:

Monthly Unlimited CrossFit, Auto Pay: $199/month
Fundamentals: This is a 3 month membership that includes 3 private sessions to learn safe mechanics: $199/month
Monthly 3x/Week CrossFit: $179/month

Iron Pile Power Lifting with Mark Galvin: $25 per month membership upgrade

Weight Loss Program:  6 Week Foundations, For Beginners Only,
– Change your life, get fit and practice healthy nutrition with community support: $300 for a six week package.
Contact us for a tour 818-800-5986 or E-mail William

VCF+WLC Special: 8 Weeks of CrossFit + Whole Life Challenge, Starts January 20, 2018: $350

Families that stay fit together, stay together…Please ask us about a Family Discount for multiple family members.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” – Zig Ziglar, author, salesman, and motivational speaker

Why choose Valley?

1. Awesome coaches: Valley offers over 15 coaches, many of whom are competitive athletes, all CrossFit Certified on multiple levels, very experienced and they want to help you attain your fitness goals. Meet the coaches here.
2. More specialty equipment: A spring floor, cargo net, Havoc Wheels, atlas balls, Olympic Weightlifting platforms, climbing ropes, yokes, rowers, Assault bikes, ski ergs and much more.
3. More specialty classes: Olympic Weightlifting, Power Weightlifting, Mobility, Burn, Gymnastics, Pilates, Competition Training, Team Training, Parkour and…CrossFit
4. A great value: At Valley you get the personal attention of small group training sessions with the camaraderie of a family at about 1/2 cost of a spin class elsewhere.  And Valley is open 7 days a week.
5. Fun Community: Valley offers a community of friendly, healthy and active athletes, community events and out-WODs.
6. Healthy: Valley programming makes you look and feel younger because it builds muscle, improves your body’s chemistry and increases your metabolism. Learn more here.

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