The CrossFit prescription for fish oil is 3 grams per day of EPA and DHA.  These are anti-inflammatory fats needed to counteract pro-inflammatory fats so prevalent in the modern diet.  It doesn’t matter what brand you purchase. IMG_04341

As an example, this label on the left is from the Kirkland Signature Fish Oil.  All we are concerned with is EPA and DHA.  Ignore “Other Omega-3.”  71Tc3r+QngL._SY679_As you can see, each soft-gel contains EPA 410 mg and DHA 274 mg for a total of 684 mg.  3 grams equals 3000 mg.  Therefore, 3000/684 = 4.4 soft-gels rounded up to 5 each day.

 Nutrigold on the right is available on Amazon and contains 1,000 mg in each soft-gel.

Another good option is liquid fish oil.  Liquids offer high concentrations and more accurate dosing.