William Baier

Our fearless leader, in addition to having a CrossFit Level 2 Instructor accreditation, William earned advanced degrees in human physiology at Northridge. He is also a Los Angeles County Lifeguard and he is a multi-year winner of the Frogman Challenge. Your fitness is in good hands with William.

Kris Clever

In 2010 Kris won the CrossFit Games and so was crowned the World’s Fittest Woman!!! She has repeatedly qualified for the Games as recently as 2017!!! She is a master of human movement and refines her athletes’ flaws to achieve greater volume and safety. If you’re searching for performance training then try […]

Thai Tran

Thai is an Olympic Weightlifting enthusiast, dare we say expert. By day he designs video games and is the genius behind all the cool VCF t-shirts!

Kyle Roberts

Kyle walked in to check out CrossFit back in 2013 and we never let him leave. He earned his Level 1 coaching designation in 2016 and worked his way through college coaching and helping members at our front desk. He also heads Valley’s crypto currency trading desk;-)

Jade Babuchiyeva

Jade is an outstanding coach who loves to learn. She earned her level 2 Advanced Sports Performance Training for weightlifting and studied under Bob Takano, a hall of fame strength and conditioning coach. Jade coaches with her own fantastic style, she wears style and working out with Jade is always in style!

Sagi Ventura

Sagi joined Valley CrossFit in 2006 and is our longest running active coach! He always brings humor and enthusiasm to his classes along with his endless search for “virtuosity” or doing the common uncommonly well. Sagi bleeds VCF but he has many other facets too including his family, a television advertising executive thing he […]

Sarah Dirro

Sarah teaches high schoolers by day and coaches athletes at night. She has competed at numerous CrossFit competitions and weighlifting events and is always striving to be the best that she can be – and that beaming smile never leaves her face!

Anton Pardoe

Anton is a long time Valley member and long-time coach. Anton is so old school that his CrossFit Level 1 coaching course was taught by Greg Glassman himself, founder of CrossFit! He’s also our Valley CrossFit historian and keeper of facts, known and unknown.

Marisol Reed

She’s a superfit mom, CrossFit Level 1 coach and Pilates instructor who’s always willing to help wherever she’s needed. If we just had two more Marisols we could take down North Korea over a weekend.

Mark Galvin

Mark is a Power Lifting enthusiast and competitor and coaches the Iron Pile class, his own creation. He is our resident zealot on deadlifting, squating and bench pressing. Check out Iron Pile if you want to get pumped up.